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Universim is coming back


As indicated by the engineer, Crytive Games, their god-game – Universim – is meant to resuscitate the magnificence days of the class.

It is not a copycat of any past games in this class, yet rather a tribute for the class itself. In the Universim, players will control whole, procedurally-created planets, complete with untamed life and element environment conditions.

Players will positively detect some well known mechanics in the Universim, adjusted from a portion of the best god games ever, yet it's completely planned structure the ground up.

This Universim rendition is not quite the same as its past form, as indicated by the designer, on new mechanics, new elements, new periods and planets, which will be included.

Universim does not have a discharge date yet. It is right now accessible on Windows, Mac and Linux in a moderately early phase of improvement, both on Steam or GOG.

For new data about the game please visit the official site and take after different public statements.


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